Printer Setup

  1. In today’s world, printers became a part of our daily using machines.
  2. Be it a school, small office, or large businesses, it occupies a vast place where tons of files shared every single minute.
  3. Once you have decided to buy a printer, know about your need and then purchase it.
  4. After buying the printer, there are specific steps to be carried out with your printer. Now, the following section can guide you with the new printer setup.

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Printer Setup

First Time Printer Setup

A printer is just a lifeless machine until you complete the new printer setup. To give your printer life, you must follow the steps below.

Unpacking and power connection setup

  • To begin with, peel or cut the tapes on the parcel.
  • Lift the brand new printer and settle it on the clean and firm base.
  • After placing the printer, clear the Styrofoam on the printer sides.
  • Remove the plastic film on the control panel, input & output tray, and the ink area.
  • Check the complete printer accessories that came with your printer.
  • Remove the outer cover of the power cable and hold both ends.
  • Plug the ends to the printer and the electrical socket.
  • Finally, spot the Power icon on the control panel to switch on.

Device connection and driver download

  • The final step is to get a connection with a Mac or Windows device and download the corresponding drivers
  • At first, download the drivers either from the original CD or through the direct website
  • Ensure that you are downloading the latest drivers
  • When you install the printer drivers, select the preferred connection method
  • For wired, keep the USB cable of three-meter ready
  • In case of wireless connection, have the network credentials handy
  • After completing the above steps, take a test print to check if the printer works fine