Driver Installation Windows

  1. Whether you have a home printer or an office printer, it is essential to download the drivers.
  2. Mostly, all printer models are compatible with the Mac as well as Windows.
  3. It is your choice to get the latest drivers depending on the OS version.
  4. If you have a Windows device, know the version, and follow the instructions below.

Note: You can complete the printer driver installation for Windows 10, which is the most preferred OS version.

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Windows driver Installation

CD driver download procedure

Using the CD is the perfect way of downloading printer drivers. The below steps can help you to download the basic drivers for the CD.

  • Grab the original CD that has basic printer drivers.
  • Position the CD and wait for the computer to display a wizard.
  • Run the drivers and complete the onscreen instructions.

Driver download using the direct link

The advanced and latest printer drivers and software are only available on the setup page. Now, go to the setup page and follow the steps below.

  • Select the printer drivers from the installation page.
  • For your reference, read the description of the printer software.
  • Press the Download button, and now it downloads on the computer.
  • The next step is to install the downloaded driver. For that, double-tap on the file and choose the Install option.
  • While installing, follow the online prompts to complete the installation.

Using print application

For every printer brand, there is a unique app to print, scan, and other activities. At first, refer to your printer manual and find that app. Then, get it downloaded on the connected Mac or Windows device. No additional software required if you have your printer brand’s exclusive application on the computer. Once downloaded, you can enjoy printing from anywhere.

  • Download your printer’s exclusive app.
  • Install it with the manual instructions.
  • Open the app and access your files from it.
  • Edit the settings as needed and then print or scan the files.