Driver Installation Mac

  1. Without the relevant driver, your computer cannot be interfaced with the printer.
  2. Verify the OS version on your Mac computer.
  3. Download the necessary printer drivers.
  4. For driver installation Mac, make use of the instructions below.


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Mac Driver Installation

CD driver download

When you need drivers only for the basic features, it is better to download the primary drivers. The installation CD came with the printer assists you with the basic driver installation. Keep in mind that you have to use the direct method if you need full and advanced drivers.

  • Get your original driver CD and choose the Mac with the CD drive.
  • Upload the disc and transfer the setup files from it.
  • Go through the instructions on the computer.
  • While following the instructions, the wizard interrupts with the Install option.
  • Click on it and import the basic drivers.

Full-drivers from the direct driver page

If you use the printer in the office, then we strongly recommend downloading the full drivers. A direct link method is a convenient approach for Mac drivers.

  • To begin with, check if the printer is set up with sufficient cartridges and papers
  • Please turn on your computer and find its OS version
  • Use the direct link on the browser to reach the driver setup page
  • Type the printer model and also the OS version on the search page
  • The device page loads up the necessary printer drivers and software
  • Hit the Download option of the driver
  • Finally, use the built-in installer for installing the drivers

Usually, the driver installation screen leads to the connection screen, which may be either wired or wireless. Sometimes, without showing the connection prompt, the printer may connect to the available network. It is well and good if it connects to a network automatically, if not choose the wired or wireless manually.